May 30,21

Fishing’s been spotty earlier last week, weekend fishing picked up with fish being caught on wedding bands with a small piece of worm and gang toll with wedding band. Kwik fish and hot shots produced fish. Fly fishers were fishing anywhere from shallow water with nymphs, leeches and scuds to depth of 12 feet using chironomids. Various sizes have been coming off with #16’s the most produced size. Pumkinheads have been doing well which tell one the damsels are close to coming off.

Terry Hunt and his wife Mary Ann, were into some nice Tunkwa trout last week during there stay, success during some rough weather spells. Terry, out of Penticton, builds custom wooden prams, ‘Fly Fishing Boats for Reel’ is his company, look him up if your in the market for a custom fly fishing boat.

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