Sept. 19,20

Warmer than seasonal temperatures haven’t slowed the fall fishing to much. The past few days fish were caught on spinners cast towards shore and reeled in, worm under a float in very shallow water picked up some good fish to 5lbs. Kwick fish also produced fish but not as large as the fishers fishing in shallow water or along weed bed edges. Dragon flies were seen yesterday remarkably. Gammarus scuds have been in throat samples now and Halena scuds are still being seen in samples also. Pumkinheads are getting fish, K-marts, Vampire leeches, Rubied eye leech and smaller maroon leeches all caught fish. Reports of active fish(jumping, rolling and riseforms) is a good sign of feeding but in a few area’s. Bloodworm should be migrating at this time of year, caddis should start up again as the weather cools the lake, casting and stripping the nymph provides great fall fishing and something the locals look forward to as the fish tend to be larger and the initial strike can snap you off, bend out your hook or even break the hook at the shank bend if your not ready for it, sometimes you just can’t do anything about it as it just takes a split second to happen. This is where good knots are important so you don’t end up with a piggy tail and lost fly/lure..

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