April 24/21

The ice came off Tunkwa Lake yesterday evening, it is ice free. Fish were caught in shallow water on leeches and small chironomids. Small chironomids have been hatching, fish have been showing themselves rolling or taking chironomids just under or on the surface in shallow water.

To follow up on yesterday’s announcement, we have decided that the resort will now open. As most of you are already aware of this, the Government of BC has published a set of guidelines on non-essential travel restrictions. We have been asked to make sure our guests are aware of these restrictions and are told that businesses are not responsible for enforcing these restrictions, which is the sole responsibility of the government. Please review them in the following link and determine how they may affect your travel plans to Tunkwa Lake Resort in the coming weeks. If you would like to make changes to your reservations due to these changes, please give us a call at 250.523.9697 and we are always happy to accommodate your needs. If you reside in the region which allows you to visit us, we look forward to see you very soon!
Travel and COVID-19
Travel and COVID-19
Travel restrictions are in place due to COVID-19. Stay local and do not travel .

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