Sept. 8, 23

Surface water temps have dropped and reached 60 Deg, transitioning the lake to fall fishing. Overnight temps dropped to 0 during the week with sunny, calm and clear blue skies. Unlike last fall so far it’s a seasonal start to fall. Some are still catching fish on chironomids. Green and black leeches along with dragon fly nymphs are catching fish. Hot shots, kwick fish and spinners also picked up fish along with the good ole worm under a float. Fishing has been tougher than usual as fish are picky in what they are feeding on despite chironomid hatches. Fish are traveling at different depths and it changes hour by hour and can be frustrating fishing at their traveling depth marked on sonar. Algae on the surface is looking better as the lake water cools unlike last fall where we were into October before lake temps dropped clearing up the algae. Trollers have been catching fish whether on the fly or gear. Fish size has been up with 3lb fish quite common with 4’s caught and a number of 5’s. Their in fantastic shape with thick shoulders, chrome as can be and hard takes with hard fights, got to love the Pennask strain of rainbows that are stocked annually!

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