Aug. 24, 23

Fishing has been slowly getting better as chironomid hatches are getting larger in size and more areas of the lake are seeing hatches. mainly #12’s are coming off in various colors, fish are feeding from taking adults off the surface in calm conditions to emergers  just under the surface with the same conditions, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet down at different times at different levels. Sometimes right off the bottom. Finding hatches with fish feeding on them is key, sometimes their just not feeding as were changing up flies constantly trying to figure them out, then there are times when it doesn’t seem to matter what you have on and their taking the bugs hard. Trollers trolling green Carey’s, K-marts and green leeches have been catching fish. Very nice fish sizes this year! Water temps are 64 and hoping we get a normal fall with dropping water temps. If we get the typical cooling(unlike last year) we expect the fall fishing to be good. This late August hatches are going pretty good and fish are being marked in 14 feet of water, the fish have not been in the main basin of the lake this year like every year in the past, but who knows it may happen during the upcoming warmer trend this weekend. Some early mornings and late evenings the lake has been fishing well in certain areas.

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