May 2/16

Tunkwa continued top fish well this past week. A couple tougher days with some cool winds out of the north,but other then that, lots of action. Nights are still cool, slowing the hatches down in the morning, but really going strong in the afternoons. Fish to 6lb’s have been reported by guests, but tons of action from smaller trout, that think they’re 10 lers! Some great jumps out of these trout, some hitting 6′ in the air and other landing in the boats.
Chironom id fishing continues to be really hot once the water wamrs up a bit. Size 14’s in any ‘shiny’ colours ahve ebeen working, and the past day or so, size 12’s are starting to produce. Static-bag/red rib, static-bag/brown rib, various Gunmetals or Chromie, and Tan double Dips, have been good chironie patterns. Some throat pump samples are starting to see some much bigger chironomids in the mix!
Micro leach patterns have been working as well, especially if the chironomid bite has slowed. Maroon, blacks and black/Blue “patrolcar-12″has been consistent producers. Fish are still relatively shallow, less then 10′ of water and about 5′-6′ down.
Guests trolling have been into trout pretty cosnsitent. Bingo Bugs in dark or bright pink colours have been working good, get them down to about 5′.
Shore fishing is still an option, as the weeds haven’t grown up, and the trout are still close to shore. Worms or power bait are good options to fish from shore. Lures or flies worked off the bank will account for trout right now.
Some reports of good sized fish coming out of Leighton this year as well.

With the incredible weather in the forecast, and increasing bug hatches, it’s a great time to be up here fishing!
Brad and Mike, got into some nice Tunkwa trout last week!
Pennask Triploid trout getting some shoulders.
Karen with one of many she got into, that afternoon. She’s mastering the art of chironomid fishing!
Nice bright one.

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