May 9/16

Weather was a bit more unstable this past week. Some cooler rainy days, and some days with wind.30 degrees on Saturday, then snowing on Sunday! Chironomid were still hatching in full force though!Mixed reports coming in, but overall fishing remained good.
Chironomid fishing has been the best route to get into the trout, they are dialled into the hatches. Some guests are doing well on smaller flies(16’s) while others are doing well fishing up to size 12’s. Greens have been good, with the Barnes Lake Special being a good patterns. Static bag/red rib, Tan Double dips have been good as well.Some reports of better then average sized fish being caught fishing ‘Boobie’ patterns on a full sink line, with a short leader.
Some Mayflies have started to hatch, and anglers keyed in to them, are doing well fishing various Mayfly nymph patterns.
Trollers have been doing well, at times out fishing the chironomid anglers. Kwikfish, Bingo Bugs, micro leaches and PumpkinHeads, have all been producing. Some reports have been in, with guest starting to do well fishing gang trolls and wedding bands as well.
Lake levels are still high, water temps are in the mid to upper 50’s.
Steve Oei with one of many he tied into on Saturday..

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