June 22/2015

Fishing remains good on Tunkwa. Days have been warm but nights are still really cooling down, keeping water temps comfortable for the trout, and keeping them active.

We have seen some incredible caddis, and small sedges hatches the past evening, with the sky literally full of them in the evenings. Of course the trout are slurping them off the surface film as they emerge. Anglers able to key in on this hatch are having good success, with caddis pupae patterns best fly. Some dry fly action in the evening can be had with Tom Thumbs, or Elk Hair Caddis patterns.

Chironomid fishing has been pretty steady, with some days absolutely on fire, while other days a bit of a grind. Smaller bloodworm patterns in maroon, or red/black were producing good action, but we are seeing over the past couple days smaller, 14 or 12 ASB’s with red rib have been the best fly. Dick Bartlett’s “NightHawk” pattern tied on a size 12 scud has been a good producer as well.

Some good reports from anglers stitching PumpkinHeads, or green leaches in and just off the weedbeds.

Trollers have been doing ok, some days better then others, with Friday seeing them into some better sized trout, then on Sat. only hooking into smaller ones. The usual presentations are working, but hearing of some better success trolling Bingo Bugs.

It is supposed to get warm this week, but the cool nights sure make it comfortable up here, and some great sleeping weather!

Brad_June_22A nice limit of fresh Tunkwa trout, taken last week by Brad.


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