Oct. 17/22

Water temps have finally dropped and is hovering around 53 and dropping daily. With the extended summer temps up to 20C lately and night at around 0C a change is a few days away with highs to around 3C and lows down to around 3. Fall  is short lived as wintery pattern will be arriving on the weekend with much needed precipitation. As the colder water temps started the algae has died and has made for much better lake clarity. Fishing has picked up as water clarity improves. Fish are being caught on spinners, Kwik fish, worm under a float with better results on blood leeches, vampire leeches, pumkinheads, black leeches and chironomids and bloodworms. Most fishers are using the indicators at this time, this is the time for casting and stripping over weedbeds. Our boats are being pulled today along with our docks. There has been no ice on the shorelines forming yet, that’s a few weeks away if not longer.

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