Summer like conditions earlier in the week made for comfortable fishing. Scuds(shrimp) have been the hot fly weather stripped slowly or quickly and even under the indicator, static or twitched with varying retrieves has been productive, One must fish next to the weed beds for best results. Guns and Roses chironomid working for a few fellows and were starting to see bloodworms in fish harvested or throat samples, a sign of their fall migration. Worm under a float has been doing very well,  spinners, Kwik fish and Flat Fish trolled or casted has been working.

This morning Waterboatmen were seen all over the shallow water by our docks, large ones and small ones darting along the bottom and coming up for air and back down again, real neat to see them in their natural ecosystem doing what they do so one can see how to mimic when fishing with them.

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