Sept 8th,21

We have been open for a couple weeks now, sorry for the lack of reports as we have been busy getting up to speed.
Fishing over the last few days has been good using various methods. Worm under a float in 10-12 feet of water was very productive for guests fishing this method. Trollers with wedding band dabbed with a worm also produced fish. Scuds (shrimp) either stripped or under an indicator being twitched in has been very good over, through or next to weed beds and is the best fly at this time and should be through the fall season while fish fatten up for the winter. Picking up fish once anchored one would have to wait until the schools moved through again or move spots to get into the “resident” fish that live in the area. Some guest using this method hammered fish with a 2 hour spell of non-stop hook ups. Balanced Vampire leeches worked well while stripping the Vampire leech not so much, brown leeches were also very good along with Mr. Chan’s ruby eyed leech. Fish size has been very good with numerous fish in the 3lb range, some 4’s and a couple 5’s were caught yesterday. Damsels, dragon flies, caddis, mayflies and chironomids were seen but not in huge numbers, scuds were in throat samples and in the stomachs of fish that were harvested so one needs to fish around the weeds. Water boatmen were seen and after letting a fisher know he switched up and got into fish on boatman patterns. Water temps are hovering around 60 Deg, fish are healthy and notably thick on the shoulders and fight very well. As water temperatures drop fishing should get better as fall season begins.

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