Sept. 19,20

Fishing continues to be good the past week besides yesterday where one had to work harder to get into them. Fish have been caught with worm under a float if anchored, Kwik Fish, Hot Shots and spinners working if trolling, if their taking spinners the fish are quite active. Throat samples and fish harvested stomach contents still show scuds and small snails which tells one “their in the weeds”. There have been some very nice reports of larger fish giving guests an exciting time reeling or stripping them in. Resident fish are the ones mainly being caught although when the school moves through and sticks around one can stay anchored until they leave then you should move to work on the resident fish with keeping ears and eye’s open for any moving fish and work on them where you see them. If the fish are showing themselves then one must fish the area you see them, once there you can fine tune the spot to anchor and figure out what their feeding on and the retrieve they are reacting to. Water temps were  59-60 Deg. a few days ago but must of dropped with the cooler weather were having now. Water boatman have been seen in very shallow water.

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