July 5,17

A beautiful sunny and warm day today with highs to 27, evening temps are up to 8 last night from cooler temps the previous nights. Water temps were 56 yesterday on the surface, down considerably for some time. Today Damsels … Continue reading


Ice fishing has been very good the past few days. Trout are actively feeding in the shallows, gorging on scuds(freshwater shrimp). Fishing the low light periods see’s the best action, first light and the last hour of light in the … Continue reading


Tunkwa area received incredible amounts of rain on Sat night and most of the day Sunday. All this water and snow melt ended up sitting on-top of the ice, causing very slippery and wet conditions. Amazingly die hards were out … Continue reading

Nov. 24,17

2 holes were drilled through the ice in front of the resort and thickness is 5 inches, an inch less than last week. We like to see 4 inches for foot traffic. Overnight temperatures return to below freezing Sunday night … Continue reading

NOV. 18,17

Ice thickness is just under 6 inches with a couple centimeters of snow on top of the ice. There have been people ice fishing off the day use site and around Bird Sanctuary Island the past week.. … Continue reading

Nov 8,17

A couple holes were drilled this morning and ice thickness is 3-4 inches in front of the resort. Other areas have not been checked and no one has been seen ice fishing. . … Continue reading

Oct. 15,17

Cooler nights and days have dropped water temps. Fish have been seen porpoiseing in shallow water and anglers fishing a few feet below the surface have been catching fish to 3lbs. Fish are in great shape and have been taken … Continue reading


Some unstable weather since the last report, including waking up to the hills around Tunkwa covered in snow! A fair bit of rain in the area to, and the campfire ban was lifted on Friday! Weather has certainly improved, with … Continue reading


Fall has definitely arrived to the Tunkwa area. We’ve awoke to a couple morning with temps in the -6C range! This past week we saw lots of wind, stirring the lake up pretty good, and making fishing a bit tougher. … Continue reading