Summer is here, finally, and looks like it’s sticking around for a while!
We’ve seen some pretty good days out on Tunkwa this past week.Some days on fire red hot, the next, a bit slower kinda hit or miss.The bigger chironomids have started to hatch, still in smaller isolated pockets. You have to be on these pockets of chironies hatching, with active fish on them. 13′-14′ feet of water, about 1′ off bottom is key.Lots of better sized trout being caught, in the upper 3lb to mid 4lb range. Some bigger ones being hooked as well. Chironomids in size 12 and 10 are key. Static bag with black or cranberry rib, Cranberry Bloodworms, Black Electra’s, Chameleon’s and Logan Lake Specials, are all producing.Looks like the lake is ramping up for it’s famous bomber hatch, this warm spell of weather should do it.
Guests fishing worms under a float have been doing very well.
Not many trolling reports coming in, but Frog HotShots, Wedding bands are producing.
Guests day tripping to fish the nearby Thompson River are reporting sone good action with resident trout, salmon are still closed but lots in the river right now.
Kel & Lorraine got into some nice trout on there stay here last week.
A nice solid Tunkwa trout.
Static bag with a Cranberry-rib chironomid strikes again!.

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