July 18/16

Another week of unstable weather, with lots of rain, the occasional thunderstorm moving throughout he area. This has made the fishing really ‘up and down’. Tunkwa lake level is remaining nice and high, and water temps are staying cool. Algae bloom is light.
We are seeing more bigger chironomids starting to hatch, and lots of giant bloodworms in throat samples, or in the stomachs of trout on the cleaning station. Our famous ‘Bomber’ hatch is starting to ramp up.

Anglers keyed in on the smaller specific spots where they are hatching are doing pretty good. The trout come in in schools, and when they move in it’s ‘go time’! Lots of better fish being caught, fish into the mid 4lb range are showing up regularly. Bigger chironomid patterns have been the key. CopperTops, Cranberry Bloodworms, Maroon Jewels, Logan Lake Specials, and Chameleon have been the go to patterns. ASB in green rib, brown rib or red rib, has been a good pattern when you are on the hatch.
Reports of good catches coming off micro leaches, fished off the deeper weed beds.
Guests fishing worms under a slip float have been having good success as well.
Trolling reprots are mixed, but still producing. Wedding bands tipped with a fresh worms, have been a good bet.

We are predicting the fishing is going to get even better as more of the big chironomid start to hatch, and the cooler water temps this year should keep it fishing well all summer.

Mixed reports coming in from area lakes, everything has been a bit hit or miss with the unstable weather.

Nice one Nick!

Nice one Nick!


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