Lots of unstable weather up here again, but the forecast after today is looking fantastic…finally!

We hosted the first ‘FlyBC Summer Fish-In” this past weekend, well attended, and a good time had by all, we enjoyed hosting them.

Hatches continue to be spotty, and fishing has been really up and down. Some guest’s have had some really good flurries of action, while others are struggling. Some saying some of the best fishing they have had here, while others are just not able to get set up on them, and are blanking. Our famous bomber hatch really has not come on strong yet, but we should see it go, once things warm and stabilize.It has been an unusual year, with all this wet cool weather.

The ‘bombers’ have been hatching in small areas, get on a hatch and you will be into fish. ‘Hot’ Chironomid patterns have been changing daily, but patterns matching the staging bloodworms have been the most consistent. Reports off the water from yesterday had more bugs hatching and patterns matching the rising larvae started to come on stronger.
Richard has been chironomid fishing the past couple days, I’ll ask him to provide a more up to date report here tomorrow.
Guets trolling have been into some trout as well, hot shots with a bit of weight have been the best producers, but Wedding-bands tipped with worm and weighted down, will produce.

Worms fished deeper on a slip float, continues to get people into fish..

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