Aug. 10/16

The past few days has had a bit of the last of unstable weather push through as the low moves East. Weather forecast is looking like were finally getting our summer conditions with high pressure moving in today. Fishing should pick up with the warmer weather and the spotty fishing has increased length of the feeding fish and more spots are fishing better yesterday.
Bloodworm/early stages of chironomids and developed chironomids in bomber sizes has been working in these spotty areas which only 4 or 5 boats are doing well with others around them getting the odd fish or nothing at all. Fish are still mainly in shallower water and in the weeds feeding on caddis and mayfly nymphs but some have moved to deeper water to feed on the emerging Chironomids and bloodworms. We should see with the high pressure arriving for the chironomid fishery to pick up in the anticipated heavier hatches of the large Chironomids (Bombers in size #10 and #8)
Worm fisherman did well yesterday but also had to find active fish. Some fishers did well yesterday evening using chironomods and did well.
Bomber Chironomid and a near perfectly matched fly.

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