April 18/16

We saw some gorgeous summer like weather this weekend. Winds were out of the south, offering anglers lots of options to fish in some more sheltered conditions. The lake level is still rising, and temps are in the mid 40’s with a couple spots up to 47F. Water clarity is excellent except where the creeks are feeding in. Chironomid hatches have been sporadic, with mostly really small ones coming off. Trout are keying in on them. Small micro leaches are fishing best in the morning, then a switch to chironomids in the afternoon, then back on the leaches later in the day. Black/blue, Maroon, Dark green have all been good choices for micro leaches. Chironomid in size 16 and 14 have been working. Whisky Ted’s have been a great producer, but at times it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s about 4.5′ under the indicator. Best advise I can give now, is to slow drive around the lake, and look for any kind of fish activity or movement, set up on these active fish, and it will be “Fish On”!

Guest trolling have been having some steady action. The usual Kwikfish and Hotshots are producing, we’ve had reports of darker coloured Bingo Bugs, trolled on an intermediate sink link, working very well.

The temps this week are supposed to be record breaking warm, we will the water temp rise, and more hatches start up, and fishing should only get better!


Susan with one of many that fell for here ‘Lucky’ Purple Bingo Bug..

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