April 15/16

Staff got out to sample the spring fishing yesterday, some strong north winds to contend with, but it sure seems to be lots of nice sized trout around this spring. Chironomids are starting to hatch and the trout are starting to key in on them. Small sizes(14/16) in Whisky dicks, or static bag/red-rib have been producing. Still fishing shallow, 5′ down over 6-8′ feet of water. Micro leaches in maroon or black/blue are still producing.
Water temps are in the mid to upper 40’s. The two main creeks feeding Tunkwa Lake are swollen, and pumping in some stained water around there confluence.
Trolling Hot Shots have been working for guests, trolling really slow is key when the water temps are this cold.

Weather forecast is looking fantastic for the next while!


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