April 11/16

The open water season has got off to a good start on Tunkwa. Quiet a few anglers out taking advantage of the sunny warm weather this past weekend. Air Temps hit +22, but it didn’t feel that warm on the water, as the breeze or wind coming across the cool water, really cooled things off. Friday saw some huge winds out of the south. Leighton finished icing off on Saturday morning.

Mixed fishing reports coming in, with some anglers doing extremely well, with good numbers, and some bigger fish. Fish to about 4.5lbs were landed. Fishing small dark coloured leaches in 8 feet or less of water seemed to be the best producer. Some chironomids have been hatching, but the trout aren’t dialled into them yet. Trolling with PumpkinHead flies saw action, reports of a few caught on smaller Kwikfish to. Worms caught a few, but fishing a micro leach under a float would be a better producer. The fishing around evening and right up to dark was reported to be fantastic, with a fish a cast right in front of the resort in the shallow bays.

Smaller leach patterns in maroon, black, dark green have been working. Patrol Car Leaches and PumpkinHeads have been good flies as well. Fishing shallow, in sun exposed areas seems to be key.

Weather forecast is looking great, and fishing should continue to be strong!


Kevin Nicol with a nice Tunkwa trout from this weekend. There group got pretty dialled in on them!


Paige Patton with her first trout of the season, taken off our dock Sat. evening, fishing a worm, under a bobber. Nice fish Paige!.

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