Lake ice looks like about 2” of clear solid ice in front of the resort , we need 4” to be safe. As ice thickens we will be updating it’s conditions.

Nov 18,18

Tunkwa Lake completely froze over Friday night, we will be updating it’s ice thickness as the hardwater season continues.


-14 temperatures overnight without any wind has Tunkwa frozen over with an inch of ice. We will update the fishing reports with the progression of ice thickness. Tunkwa fished extremely well this fall! Edit: The main part of the lake … Continue reading


Fishing remained consistent and good since the last report. The weather has turned cool and wet, with some wet snow in the mix on Sunday. The trout are still shallow, and really feeding up with the cool nights, they know … Continue reading


Trout fishing remained pretty good these past few days, for most guests. The weather actually wasn’t as bad as forecasted, with the rains mostly coming at night, or later in the day, guests fished all the days. The trout have … Continue reading

Sept. 14,18

Fish have been caught in shallow water the past week as water temperatures have been dropping fast with unseasonal cooler temps in the weather patterns. Ruby Eye leeches, maroon leeches, black leeches and the Blue Maroon leech. Black and silver … Continue reading


Chironomid fishing the past week has been excellent for the larger Pennask strain of rainbows fishing the deepest part of the lake. Chironomid hatches have been all though the deep water of the lake, size 12’s and the odd larger … Continue reading

August 25,18

Long awaited wait for the bombers hatch is over. Their coming off in deep water over many areas of the lake. Some guys during the week were into dozens of the larger pennasks as the schools moved around feeding on … Continue reading

Aug. 20.2018

An absolutely beautiful morning up here at Tunkwa. After a smoky weekend, the smoke really started to dissipate Sunday afternoon, and we awoke today to really clear skies, and calm conditions. The fishing really started to pick up on Sunday, … Continue reading


Fishing continues to be spotty….. unless you know where the spot(s) that are producing fish are. The feeding areas have enlarged and most are catching fish in these areas with some well into double digits. Bombers size chironomids are coming … Continue reading


Fishing continues to be spotty. Stripping full sink lines or trolling them along with others using spinning rods and getting to deeper water(12 feet) are getting fish on maroon, brown and black leech patterns. Wedding bands have also been getting … Continue reading


Lake drawdown has started, lake’s water level is high and dropping a bit daily. Last Thursdays thunderstorm and high winds for an hour pushed the warm top layer into the lower depths of the lake where the temperatures were 62 … Continue reading