Ice Report Dec.3, 2018

I was just out on the lake in front of the resort, drilling(most of Tunkwa had opened back up after the first freeze over, then refroze). My test hole measured at 3″, with snow, slush and water sitting on top of it.
I previously drilled and measured in front of our boat ramp(an area that didn’t thaw after the first freeze up) and it was 5″. Based on that, we would have to say the main lake is still not safe, back bays ‘should be safe’, but we still would not recommend venturing on the ice, as is today, it just isn’t worth the risk of walking into a soft spot. Also of note, water is still flowing out of Tunkwa into Leighton lake, the channel flowing out of Tunkwa is wide open with a good flow, and there is a large open water area in Leighton, where the water is flowing in(this area is always closed to fishing).
Good news……The short term weather forecast is calling for steady cold nights(in the negative double digits!)that is exactly what needed to get the ice solidified, it should only take 2 nights of those temperatures to get us to safe thicknesses.
We will drill again, and post up the results!

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