Mar. 28,19

Last weeks warm spell has melted the snow around the resort and lower elevations around the lake. Lots of runoff entered the lake. I haven’t been on the ice but fisherman have been off the day use site ice fishing and had a quad out on the ice today. Conditions can change as the sun and wind deteriorate the surface ice and warmer water from runoff eats under the ice. During the day there’s 4 inches of slush on the lake surface which re-freezes during the night. There is a few feet of open water along the lake edges and more open water where the runoff entered the lake in many areas, There are a few darker spots on the lake where water is sitting on the surface melting with day time temps. The 3rd week of April is an approximate guess at ice off, weather dependent of coarse. We have have above freezing 0-1 Deg for a few nights this week and saw -6 this morning. O2 levels are good again this spring so fishing will be on when the ice is gone. .

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