Sept 8/20

Fishing was a bit on the slower side last week, as the prolific chironomid hatches from the previous 3 weeks really petered out. The trout moved shallow, back into the weedy bays and flats to dine on the abundant food to be found there. It is a bit more work to fish these areas, but the reward makes it worth it.Stripping scuds, dragons, leach or attractor pattens, are the way to go. We also saw the action pick up for people trolling, very typical, when the chironie bite slows, the trout tend to scatter and one has better chances of hitting them while covering more water while trolling. Any of the various trolling lures or flies will work.
Yesterday saw a giant wind storm pound all of southern BC, it was crazy rough on Tunkwa with no boats out, but it died quickly to glass calm conditions in the later afternoon. Guests getting out then, reported some good catches, with rainbows to 24″ being landed. Good reports from neighbouring Leighton lake were coming in from guests putting there boats in there last week, with ‘Bombers’ coming off, and trout really ‘on’ them.

This weeks weather forecasting is looking great, cool nights and hot sunny days, means the fall pattern will be starting. See you on the water! .

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