Sept. 13,20

Cooler weather has arrived today after very warm temps that were up to 28 Deg the past week. Fishing has slowed, Quick Fish, Mepps spinners, Blue Fox lures did catch fish, the fly fisherman had a more difficult time although some got into fish and some real good fish. Last week chironomid hatches were weak, damsels and dragon flies were hatching heavily (unusual for September). Water temps are around 62, we has 1 Deg. last night and with the smoke cover the lake will cool down gradually. Warmer than seasonal temps will stick around for a couple more weeks. Smoke is due to clear out Tuesday bringing back sunshine with some precipitation at the end of the week in the forecast. Flies that worked were halfbacks, pheasant tail nymphs, caddis patterns, damsels and dragon fly nymphs. There were times the fish would feed and times were they were tight lipped with the occasional light hit but not sticking. Fish are back in the weeds as seen on side scan sonar and throat samples of small Hallena scuds, snails, black leeches and daphnia..

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