Aug 30,20

Tunkwa’s been fish it’s best of the year the past few weeks. Surface water did drop 2.5 Deg with the last day or 2 of cooler weather which may of slowed the hatch yesterday afternoon effecting fishing a bit. Hatches did pick up into the evening and along with that fish were right on them. We are getting a nice week of warm weather with the odd shower but it looks like it will keep the water warm enough for the hatches to ramp back up from yesterdays spotty hatches. The past week #12’s were coming off the entire 17 foot area of the lake and fish were feeding on them. There is typically a flotilla of boats at the most active spot but if you have sonar best to find your own fish and reap the benefits of your fish finder. Bingo bugs and wedding bands did catch fish trolling but chironomid fishing is the thing to do at this time before the water cools down and fish head to shallower or into the weeds to feed on nymphs/scuds and leeches..

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