Fall has arrived to the Tunkwa area. Morning temps are often dipping to -5! The cold nights and cooler mornings has really started to kills of the weeds and put the fish on the bite. Fishing in the morning has been very slow, often a waste of time, until the sun starts to warm things up. Active trout can be found in the shallows(2-4′), green weeds and a bit of rock all add up to make the best fishing spots. Fish to 4lbs have been caught, but a few tales of big ones wrapping guys up int eh weed are being heard.

Worms under a float continue to be the best presentation, and the easiest way to catch fish. Trolling has been slow.

Fly fishers, casting shallow are into fish using black/red leaches, and patrol cars. Some fine morning catches have come using boatmen patterns.


Birthday trout for Gabi, taken this weekend on a claret coloured, ruby eyed leach..

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