Fishing Report Aug.27/19

Fishing was excellent on Tunkwa yesterday!!
The edges of the drop off/weed line in front of our cabins, in 14-15 feet of water produced well, fish were actively feeding on #12 olive green patterns, or ASB/red rib emerging from the bottom. Quick strips resembling an emerging chironomid did well, as they were dialled on the emerging chironomids. Pornamids, Zucchinis or ASB/red rib did well a couple feet off bottom in size #14. Olive greens has been the ‘hot’ fly, Elvis and Barnes Lake Special are good examples of these patterns. Bloodworms, CopperTops fished in deep water (17ft) a foot off bottom picked up fish. Weather forecast is fantastic into the upcoming weekend with warm temps to the mid twenties, with the clear star filled skies, our nights have been quiet cool(but no sign of the boatmen migration yet). Evenings see trout taking large chironomids off the surface as there are good hatches emerging a few hours before dark, have your dry line with chironomid emerger pattern handy if the fish are active on the surface, cast to riseforms or ahead of fishes direction of travel.


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