May 30,19

Fishing the past week has been good for trollers using small wedding band dabbed with a worm, gang trolls with a worm, Kwikfish, Hot Shots and pumpkinheads. Fish are moving a few feet under the surface in search of food. Last Sunday the first damsels were seen and fishing Monday with brown damsels and olive ones got into the larger class of fish in Tunkwa. Tuesday I still picked up nice fish on the damsel patterns then around noon saw a damsel on the surface swimming to shore, it was blond in color….ah… the Georgi Damsel, the fish loved it! This morning on the second cast with Georgi’s damsel, twice into the backing on the slime line landed a close to 28″ beauty. Cinnamon caddis were coming off on Tuesday, the damsels and caddis are 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Hairs ear nymphs also are doing well casting or under the indicator. Small chironomids are coming off with #16’s working for a few dialed in to their color, other chironomid fisherman had a harder time. Water temps are back to what they were a week or more ago, went up to 61 Deg, down to 52 and now back up to 62 so the chironomid hatches should get back on track. Weekend weather looks nice and the first part of next week with a more seasonal weather mid week..

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