June 3/19

Overall fishing has been a bit on the slower side in general since the last report. The weather has been beautiful, warm sunny, and very summer-like, but the chironomids have not been hatching with any kind of consistency. Everyone is catching fish, it’s just not ‘gang buster’ like it has been most of the season. We are seeing quite a few larger then normal sized trout being hooked or caught.

Anglers have been hitting some chironomid hatches, but very spotty, sounds like more and more each day though. Small greens(limies) or Elvis’s in size 14 are what’s working, for chironies. Fishing damsels flies(PumpkinHeads, Georgie Damsels) on sink tip, or floating line, in short twitches, has been the best bet. Couple reports of Vampire Leaches fished the same, as woking well.Balanced leaches under an indicator will work as well. mayflies continue to hatch, and some anglers are having success targeting trout feeding on them. Hares ear or Prince Nymph are the best flies.
Trollers are having some success, PumpkinHeads or the Blue Maroon are good choices for flies. Frog Hot Shots or Kwikfish have been producing as well. Wedding bands in Green or red(tipped with a piece of worm), having been putting trout in the boats for guests as well.

Nice one for Bob W. on a vampire leach..

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