May 27, 2019

Since our last fishing report, we’ve seen a good bout of unstable weather in the Tunkwa area. Quiet a few thunderstorms ripped through, and we saw lots of much needed rain come dwon. Fishing has been really up and down, and quiet slow the past couple of days, despite our first blast of almost summer like weather.
Chironomid hatches have been light or spotty, with lots of tiny green ‘Limeys” coming off and showing up in throat samples. Mayflies continue to hatch pretty steady, and guests dialled into them are seeing some action.
We had several days, when guests trolling, were doing fantastic, but it has slowed down, from what we are hearing.
PumpkinHeads seem to be the best producing fly when trolled. Lots of fish were caught on Frog Hotshots, Green or yellow wedding bands. Ford fenders, with a hot shot set 24″ behind them, were producing consistently as well.

We are into some nice warm, somewhat stable weather, and we should see the bug hatches pick back up, and fishing get back on track.
See you on the water!

A slow trolled PumpkinHead fly saw lots of hookups for Sandra and her partner..

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