May 20,19

Unstable weather patterns the past week kept fishing spotty or flurries of good fishing when the sun came out. Mayflies came off just before the rain showers and also came off in the evenings. Chironomid fishing was good for some for mainly smaller fish under 2 lbs. Trollers got fish on black scale Hot Shots and gang trolls did work. Chironomid fishing just off the bottom in 11-13 feet of water did well on #10 3x Copper Tops and Guns and Roses, yesterday #12 Pornamids did well just off the bottom and also #10 pornamids just off the bottom. #16 Coppertops, green red butts, limeys, Dragon Lake Specials and a number of other small chironomids work well. Casting and stripping Mayfly nymphs and Vampire leeches produced fish. Water temps were 55 last week and came up to 60 later in the week and has dropped to 55-56 yesterday. Stable sunny weather in the forecast should bring the temps back up and we should see the fishing ramp up. With the chance of seeing any dark clouds/rain showers those Mayflies just start hatching and the fish turn off the chironomids and selectively feed on the mayfly nymphs, so have them ready!.

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