May 13/19

Fishing remained good to excellent, most of the days since the last report. There were a couple days the trout seemed off(too full?), but things picked right back up. Chironomid continue to hatch hard all over the lake, majority of them are still small(size 16) but we are seeing some approaching bomber size(size 12L) in the mix.Guests are still commenting on the better then average sized fish in the mix this year. We had another 26″ trout landed on Saturday.Throat samples taken from trout show a mix of sizes, but primarily smaller ones. The bigger fish seem to be still feeding in the shallows. Stripping leaches in the shallows are getting fish as an alternative to fishing chironomids. PumpkinHeads, Patrol Cars or BMW’s have all been good fly patterns to use for this.
The water is still extremely clear, making these shallow fish a bit spooky. The past couple of days, the better Chironomid patterns, have been ‘Barnes lake Special’, Terminator and CopperTops, size 16 or 14.Guests trolling this weekend, were into the trout pretty good to, ‘frog’ coloured Hotshots or ‘fireTiger’ Kwikfish, were working well. Green wedding bands tipped with worms, worked as well. Fishing worms under floats still is not really producing all that well. It’s a a great time to be up here fishing!
Have a good week and safe Long Weekend!.

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