June 25/18

Fishing picked up pretty good up on Tunkwa since the last report. Chironomids starting hatching pretty steady on Tues, and the trout really got dialled in on them. Smaller sizes, and darker colours, or light browns seemed to be the best bet. Some good catches came on the Whisky Dick and Blue Dun pattern Chironomids as well. Fishing over the weekend was a bit more spotty, anglers had to move around the find the good hatches, some doing very well, while others struggled a bit. Mixed reports from guests trolling, but it sounded like everyone got into fish.

We had a lightning strike, close by on Wed afternoon, starting a fire, forestry crews were on it immediately, and contained it, then allowed a control burn to clean out some of the dead wood to the west of the lake. It was out the next morning. Those guys do an amazing job! The fire had no effect on us or the fishing!.

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