June 19/18

The weather and fishing has really improved up at Tunkwa since the last report. Summer has arrived!
the warmer and more stable weather has started the ‘bugs’ to hatch. Chironomids, damsels and mayflies have been coming off.
Everyone has been catching fish, but some days are better then other. Days when the folks trolling are doing well, the chironomid fishers are finding it slow, and when the chironie guys are doing well, the trolling action has slowed.

Trolling plugs, like kwikfish or Hotshots has been the best presentation, just a matter of figuring out the ‘hot’ depth for that day. The usal colours have been working, we have seen some good catches using the ‘rainbow trout’ pattern Kwikfish. Gang trolls and worm harnesses, don’t seem to be as effective as they were earlier in the month.

Chironimd hatches have been happening, some day coming off really good, other day spotty. When they aren’t feeding on Chironomids, they’ve been feeding on damsels nymphs and scuds. Chironomids in various shades of green, light brown, or the old reliable CopperTop, have been producing. Several guests today made comments about seeing lots of active hatches taking place.
We’ve been seeing lots of better quality sized fish come in, On Sunday, I saw a nice 4lber as well as a solid 5 lber being cleaned. Lots of fish in the 3 lb range being caught, with the od 4 in the mix, pretty nice trout!

Lucas with his new personal best, on a new rod that he got on his 4th birthday!

Mom was into them to!.

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