June 23.19

Last week chironomids were starting to come off in a few spots and fish would come through in schools which would last for a short period then come through again to feed. A few spots have had longer periods of hatches and fish were sticking around feeding. With the unstable weather the past number of days there has been feeding frenzy’s just before storms rolled though providing hard hitting fish on the chironomids, Damsels and caddis nymphs have worked in the weeds and mayfly nymphs have worked real well if presented properly with floating line/mono tippet over the weeds. Trollers using wedding bands, gang trolls, kwickfish and hot shots caught fish over the weekend. Quite a few anglers lost their fly/gear to fish as they hammered the offering causing snapped lines and great stories of the one that got away. Evening hatches of large chironomids has started the past few days and some fishers did real well fishing to dark, larger fish appear late evenings to feed on the good hatch..

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