Fishing has really been up and down, since the last report. Like always, some guests have been doing extremely well, while other struggling. For the most most part, trolling or stripping flies has been the ticket to get into the trout. Big trick(key thing!) is figuring what depth the trout are feeding at. We had a few days in a row when they seemed to be concentrated 6-8′ down over the deeper water, then the past couple days moving to about 12-14′ down, in the central lake. By far the PumpkinHead fly fished at these depths was the best producer, the K mart Special had it’s moments as well. We’ve had guests report some success trolling wedding bands/worms or Kwikfish as well, just getting them into the right depths.
We had some stormy weather pass by later Sunday afternoon, after that system passed, it seemed like the chironomids started hatching, and fishing finally picked up for the guys indicator fishing. Reports from today so far, sounds like it’s still going good. Chironomids in size 14 or 12’s in ‘Elvis’, Terminators, ASB/red-rib, black/silver and CopperTops, seem to be the ticket.Bloodworms fished right on the bottom have fooled some bigger trout as well.
Damsels and mayfly nymphs continue to produce at times as well.

See you on the water!

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