July 2, 2019

Lots of unstable weather since the last report, but the Canada Day lon weeeknd, saw a big improvement. All the rains the past while has really raised the water levels in Tunkwa, and brought the water tmeprature down, all good for the trout!
Fishing, for the most part, has been pretty good, some guests are reporting excellent fishing, both good numbers and good sized fish. Chironomids have been hatching, and/or staging to hatch. We’ve noticed the past bit, the feeding fish have all been suspended, so fishing down 6-8.5′ over 10 to 14′ of water has been the key! Lots of fish showing up on the graphs/fish finders, but all over the bottom, these fish are not really feeding. The trout up higher(they’re the ones that don’t show up on the graphs!) are the ones that are feeding! Hang your flies in this zone! Chironomids, primarily in size 12-14 are best. Darker colours(Black Sallies, Pornomids, Terminator, and Black/silver rib) have been good choices. We have also heard some good fish coming off brighter patterns as well, like various Anti-Static Bag(ASB), Elvis or Blue Gnu. Smaller CopperTops have been the best choice the past couple days. Guys are pumping fish and finding the odd ‘Bomber’ size bug, but not in any kind of numbers….it’s not quiet time yet.

The evening to dark bite has been fantastic! Fishing ‘anything dark coloured’ near the surface is working! Even chironomiding until dark has been very productive!

Trollers fishing Kwikfish, Bingo Bugs or various wet flies( PumkinHeads, K-marts,Vampire Leaches, or Patrol Cars) have been into some fish as well, weather permitting. Key is getting the presentation to the depth where the trout are feeding.

See you on the water!

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