June 11/18

We saw a fair bit of wind and unstable weather since the last report, even a good blanket of snow ending up in the hills surrounding the lake on Sunday morning!!
The days when the weather shaped up, we saw the fishing really pick up. Trolling has been the best option under the conditions. Figuring out the depth the trout are at has been key, any of the usual presentations worked. Guests fishing worms under floats have been doing very well, fishing about 4′ under the surface.
Chironomid fishing has been spotty, but as usual, some guys have figured it out, and doing ok on them, smaller ties in bright colours, fished mid depths, catching suspended fish. One guest saw some good action working brightly coloured Boobie flies through the suspended fish as well.

We hosted a couple derby’s here this past week, bunch of fish caught by them, both had big fish of the same weight, 2.8lbs.

Weather forecast is looking to improve, and with stable weather, we should see the bug hatches explode, and see the fishing take off.
Jan caught this nice rainbow last week, while trolling..

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