May 28/18

Fishing on Tunkwa was good early last week, anglers were into fish, using a variety of techniques, didn’t seem to matter. The Tunkwa area had very strong winds for 4 days, really changing things. Fishing was tougher for the rest of the week and the weekend. We saw some giant chaberus hatches(tiny limey’s) as well, which typically makes it a tough go, when the trout get dialled in on these. Fish were caught, and lots of fish could be seen moving and jumping, but anglers had to work a bit harder for them. There was also a full moon, which many think effects the fishing, fish feed all night under the bright moon, making them full the next day…I typically don’t put much into that thought, but it sounded like all the lakes in the area, got tough to fish across the weekend, so maybe there is something to be said about that?
The short term forecast is calling for some cooler temps, and rain in the forecast, a real change up, and we should see fishing pick right back up. .

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