July 3,22

Fishing continues to be spotty as the weather just won’t stabilize. This coming week looks very favorable for the first lengthy stretch of stable weather this year after todays rain and t-storm watch this afternoon. Light hatches of the various bugs in the lake keep the fish from keying in on any one particular bug. Damsels and chironomids have been hatching with some large chironomids seen, the odd caddis but no dragon flies have been seen flying around but fish were caught on the nymph. Blood worm patterns are working for fish on the bottom with some fish suspended to 7 feet. Lots of fish jumping the last few days. Pumkinheads were one fly doing well, the good ole worm under a float caught fish along with Hot Shots and Kwik Fish. Throat samples had small snails, scuds, daphnia, blood worms, green and brown chironomids. Blood worms or post blood worm patterns like the Coppertop fished just before (16 feet) the bottom flattens out to it’s 17 foot depth have been doing ok, in the next few weeks fish will start to feed on the edges and eventually the entire deep water sections will have hatches.

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