July 10,22

Mixed reports with spotty fishing and active flurries as fish are looking for food. Trollers have been doing well fishing the upper 10 feet of the lake. Kwickfish, hotshots and gangtrolls with a wedding band caught fish, some trollers doing very well. Worm under a float produced fish if fished close to the bottom. Fish seamed to be suspended in the upper water column as lots of jumping, rising and porpoising  fish. Chironomid shucks have been seen but hatches have been spotty with smaller sizes coming off. Bloodworms and post bloodworm patterns caught fish on the edges of the drop offs to the beginning of the 18 foot flats which is a good sign of hatches to come. Good reports of screaming reels and the fish have been very committed just hammering the flies, static presentation worked the best and the last few days some movement triggered fish to bite. Brownish tan and dark greens seen to be the dominate color the bloodworms are turning into this year. Throat samples show the pupae but no large adults seen except their shucks from overnight hatches. Damsels are now out as adults much heavier and last Wednesday evening cinnamon caddis just came off  in a huge hatch. No single bug worked the best as most bugs are being fed upon with throat showing that. Stable weather continues so hatches should start to get organized so we just don’t have to try to figue out what their feeding on on an hourly basis.

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