July 7,19

Weather patterns the past week have been very unstable with copious amounts of rain, raising lake levels a few inches in what should be sunny and warm weather at this time of year.

Trollers have been catching fish on various coloured Kwikfish, or wedding bands, trolling flies like blue maroon leech, pumpkinheads and Vampire leeches, have been producing to, but the trout haven’t been too active, fishing has been a bit spotty for trollers.

Chironomids in size 16 have been working the best overall, with some anglers hooking up on #14 and #12’s aswell, but no visible hatches of the larger sizes until late evening through to dark, where there have been sightings of the larger ones. Damsels have been seen in the weeds while continuing thetr migration to hatch into an adult. Fly fishers have been doing well keying in on this migrstion, casting and stripping damsel nymph patterns are working, the pumpkinhead continues to be the best pattern.

With stable warmer weather, including sun, forecasted for later Monday and the rest of the week, fishing should pick up as the high pressure system builds and water temps warm. We have not had our seasonal/normal 30 Deg warm spell this year, so chironomids are behaving more like spring conditions with the smaller ones still coming off. Throat samples show a real mix of food items, mostly small scuds, damsels, water fleas, #18 chironomids, and small leaches. No bloodsworms have been seen in throat samples….yet….we need that warm weather to heat up the water to get the blood worms warmed up. Chironomids patterns working best are the Pornamid, Zucchini, Blue Gnu, Red/silver rib, Static bag red rib, Black Sally and CopperTops. Best action is still coming dangling these various patterns from 6-9’ over various depths. Weather for the upcoming week looks much drier, a nice change from the past several weeks. It will be nice to see the sun and feel the warmth again!

Richard .

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