Slushy and wet ice conditions over the holidays has now refroze to the main ice, there was a foot of snow on the ice and even with cold freezing temps it does not freeze with the snow cover insulating the main ice. A few guests did well yesterday after fair to slower fishing action the past weeks. There are tons of Gammarus scuds(shrimp) seen through ice holes and when pulling out the auger, with the abundant food available to the fish this may be why fishing has been tough. Were experiencing above normal temps day and night, a few weeks ago seepage was entering the lake along it’s shoreline from the warmer weather pattern, this brings in O2 which is good. Forecast for the next 2 weeks is still above seasonal but not warm enough to melt the snow/ice on the plateau, evaporation is very slowly reducing the snowpack with still close to 2 feet in areas not driven on or walked on. Fish caught were taking worms, shrimp and power bait, takes are light. Ice is over 15 inches thick.

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