Hunting Reports 2011

As usual for late season, things have been  quiet in the bush, with few hunters out there, and not seeing much movement the past while. Forestry roads are icey making travelling around out there tricky. There have been a few really big muley bucks seen the last week, just none providing good shots for the hunters.
Nov. 28/11
Mule deer still appear to be ruttin, as bucks as still being spotted chasing does, but it’s definitely not going as hard as it was last week. Whitetail bucks appear to be still very active, but most movement is happening right at dusk, and under the cover of darkness.
It still has been fairly quite in the bush, and hunting pressure is light. We’ve had another 4pt muley harvested, as well a 6 LEH muley does taken by guests since the last report.
Keep in mind, 4pt Muley buck and ‘any-buck” Whitetail season is still open till Dec.10 up here!

Nice muley Buck Pete!  Complements your guys whitetail buck taken as well…..not bad for your first stay at Tunkwa!
A heavy dumping of snow greeted Tunkwa/Logan Lake this morning, with temps at just below freezing. It warmed up quickly, and the snow packed down and got quite heavy.
Hunter pressure in the bush is light still.
We had guests harvest another 4pt muley buck today, there biggest deer to date!

Another 4pt muley buck in, taken by one of our guests this morning. Temps got quite mild today, and helped pack, and quieten the snow. Reports indicate hunter pressure is fairly light out there now.

Nice buck Brad!
A milder morning today, with temps only dropping to -7C. Deer are active, evident from reports from our guests out there, and confirmed with a  quick peak in the game hanging shed! A 3×2 whitetail buck in last eve, a 4×5 whitetail buck this morning, and another nice 4pt muley later this morning, guests are happy!

Mr. Consitent tag’s out this morning with this nice whitetail buck, good shooting Mike!
Real cold snap has gripped the area, with the thermometer dropping down to -25C last night! We had a nice typical 4pt muley come in on Fri. eve, and Tyler dropped his first deer, another 4pt muley on Sat. morning. Guest are reporting seeing more whitetail bucks starting to break cover as well, just not offering any shooting opportunities.

Nice 4pt. Mike, what can we say….Mr. Consistent!

Tyler’s first deer, great start!
We’re sure that one will make you keen for next years hunt!
Nov. 18/11
The Tunkwa area received snowfalls the past few days, nothing to much, but adding up to maybe 8″ at most. Temps at night are dipping to the -10 C range.
The fresh snow falling daily, has made it great for tracking, and really seeing what is going on out there. Travel on the back roads is still manageable, by 4×4 truck or quads.
The mule deer rut is definitely on, as the bigger bucks are moving, and have pushed the smaller bucks away from the breeding does.  Bucks are responding well to the dominant buck grunt calls.
One of our staff harvested a 4pt muley on Wed. and another guest filled an LEH muley doe tag.
Pressure in the bush has been light this week.
It should be prime time to be out there looking for a big muley buck!
Our first taste of winter hit the area this weekend, with a bit of snow sticking around. Roads at high leevations are in poor shape. Night time temps have turned cold and more seasonable. The long holiday weekend, made it a busy one in the bush, but animals are starting to move. The muley rut does not appear to be on yet.
Since the last report, we’ve had guests harvest another big 4pt muley buck, a 6×4 whitey buck, an LEH muley doe, and a nice immature bull moose, just came in.
Hunting pressure has been light since the last report, and not much coming in.This long weekend will be a busy one though.
Guests are starting to see more muley does around, with smaller bucks following them around. Some small bucks have been seen sparring as well, but the big boys don’t seem to be on the does yet. We had a muley doe LEH get tagged out, plus another couple of 4pt mulies come in the past couple days, there necks are swollen and they are getting a bit stinky, but aren’t on the does yet. The odd bit of snow on the ground is showing many tracks and the deer are moving about. We expect to see more big bucks come in during the next couple weeks around here.

Rob harvested this beauty 4pt muley buck this week. His time hunting in the Tunkwa area has paid off.
Nov. 03,11
The bigger Mule Deer bucks are starting to show themselves!!!!
 A beauty 2 X 3, a 4 X 4 (a beautiful typical), plus an absolutely huge bodied 4 X 4. Yesterday evenings guests harvested a large 5 X 4, drop tine, was brought in, along with another guest filling their doe LEH.  Picts to be posted when received from our guests!
Also in the last hour of light on Monday, the last day of any ‘Mule deer buck’, Big Mike and his better half Mel, harvested a beauty 2 X 3 mulie, with a great story to go with it after a good hunt!
Temps have been seasonal with partly cloudy to sunny skies, with some scattered snow showers passing through this afternoon.

Big 4×5 cranker Muley taken by Ludwig!

A nice bodied 2 x2 mulie taken by guests, Hans and Stephen, this past weekend.
The bucks seem to be rounding up the does as sightings are light as they group in the jackpines and timber away from open areas. A big 3 X 3 Mule deer came in Wednesday showing signs of rut and a nice looking 2 X 2 Mulie came in this morning. 

Oct. 23,11
Temps hovered at 0 Deg this morning at the resort with reports of -2 on the upper hills. Cooler temps are forecast with little or no percipitation.
Three spike Mule deer arrived over the weekend, the spikes were in the company of doe’s. The colder weather is promising as the mild fall appears to be leaving.
Apologies for the late report, we have to hunt sometimes ourselves!
Reports from last weekend, indicated animal were not moving much and it was slow for most. The resort was full of anglers (fishing was good!) and not as many hunters in as usual. Moose hunters were/are seeing cows and calves, bulls and the elusive imm’ies were hard to find. Since the last report, we have had 2 more mulie bucks harvested, three white tail does and one bear, come in. The past couple days, deer activity seems to be picking up with many muleys now being seen, and the whitetails seem to be coming out of the thickets more often. Weather has still be unbelievably warm and sunny, but the forecast looks like that will change, good for the hunters, not so good for the anglers. We have had a couple mornings dip to -10 range, but the past couple it has stayed above the freezing mark.

The Fox boys get ‘er done locally!
Time in the bush with mom and dad is evidently paying off. Cody filled his LEH draw with the beauty 3×3 moose, and his younger brother, Clay, dropped this absolutely massive 4×4 muley a couple days later, while looking to fill his moose LEH. Good shootin boys!

A stocky young bruin taken by guests.

We’ve had guest harvest 2 more bucks since the last report, one a muley, the other, our second whitetail buck of the season.
I was -6 again this morning, with a bright full moon last night.
Several reports from guests of bull moose making themselves heard out there as well, the rut sounds like it is on.
-6 C this morning, finally some cooler weather at night!
Guests harvested 2 more muley bucks in last evening, things are starting to happen!
We’ve had guests harvest 5 more muley bucks since the last report on Monday! Looks like things are finally picking up out there.

As expected, with the nice weather, the Thanksgiving weekend was a busy one around Tunkwa, with lots of people about, both hunters and recreational ATV’s in the bush. Weather remains unseasonably warm, with only one morning dropping below freezing the past 2 weeks!?! Lots of reports of does around, and the past couple days, more bucks are starting to be seen around the does, but it’s still slow. We had 4 muley bucks harvested by guests this weekend.
Several moose sighting, and the occasional bear as well. Waterfowlers are reporting some good action with big mallards and teal.
Not too much to report since last time. Temperatures are staying unseasonably warm, and seems to be keeping the animals from moving around too much. It has been a while since nightime temps ahve dipped below freezing, very unusual for up here, we should be below freezing nightly, by now.
Guests are still seeing muley does and yearlings around, sometimes in really big numbers to, but bucks are staying elusive for most. The past couple of days deer activity seems to be getting better, from feedback from the guys in the bush. Sitings of moose cows are coming in fairly regularly to, but no reports of bulls in rut.
Guests in hunting waterfowl are doing very well with nice mallards and teal, in the mix.
Reports on grouse locally, is about the same as earlier, very few around this fall, it appears.

-5 up at 5500 feet this morning, colder nights have turned some of the tree colors of summer to golden brown as the leaves trickle to the frozen ground. Colder nights and now with the latest wind storm headed east hunting conditions are getting good. With the any Mule deer buck opening this Saturday morning giving hunters who work a chance at the opening day buck. Mule deer bucks have been spotted in their groups, White tail bucks have been seen solo or with a doe. No snow in the mountians at this time but the next persipitation we should see as snow. A few of our rustic cabins have become available, even a two bedroom one. Hunt safe and enjoy.

Hunting pressure in the area has been very light, some unseasonable warm weather makes it hard for many to get into the hunting ‘mode’. Some guests in scouting, are reporting seeing some smaller muley bucks still with the does, even the odd bachelor herd, the occasional bear, and quite a few moose encounters. No reports of any bull moose in rut though, should be anyday! Rain falling in the area now, will make moving in the bush a whole lot quiter, plus the nights are dropping to cooler, more seasonable temps, this can only help get the animals moving. When heading out in the bush, be sure to pack a saw of some sort, some very intense winds the past week in the area, have created lots of blowdowns, blocking many of the back roads and trails.
Hunting pressure seemed light this past week. We had no guests out there in the bush, with only fishermen in. Thankfully, the temps did drop down, and made it feel so much more like hunting season. We awoke to snow in the hills on Friday morning, as well as a good layer up there this morning. The cooler temps and shorter days seem to have the deer a bit more active, with more sightings, just off the roads on our day to day travels.
General open season started this past weekend, and hunters were greeted with unseasonably hot conditions, with daytime temps often hitting 30C!!, and the nightime cool down to only 4 to 6C, waaaaaay above normal. Guests reported seeing deer move into the thick cover as soon as the sun cracked the horizon. Many guests reported bumping into moose, as well as the occasional bear while out scouting the area. A few reports of fair sized grouse coveys out there, which was good to hear. Waterfowlers had some great morning shoots as well. Near us, a beauty 5×5 muley buck was dropped by  Kyle Litshauer on opening morning, and a mid sized whitey buck was taken by a guest on Sunday evening.
A great weekend for the junior hunters, with the young girls showing the biys how it’s done! We had the girls bring in another 3 muley bucks since the last report. Cool mornings, make it feel like fall up here, and the animals are active during the low light periods, but bedding down in the heat of the day.

Sept. 01,11
The first  Mulie buck arrived just before noon after picking up a lucky Mulie tag this morning from our store. 14 year old youth hunter Emma beat the guys to our first ungulate to our meat shed of the season. Congratulations Emma!! Overnight temps were -2 last night.

With the archery, and the junior hunting season just about to start, we are expecting to see some great hunting success this fall. The nights have cooled off, and the crispness in the morning air, makes it feel like hunting season already. We are continuing to see lots of game around, with the bucks still in velvet. The Kamloops biologists have rated mule deer hunting for this season in our region, to be between good and fantastic, and from what we are seeing, we would have to agree! With waterfowl season fast approaching as well, it would be great to see some hunters up here take advantage of all the ducks, and the many nuisance geese that hang around this area. We aren’t seeing many grouse in our travels, and we suspect this will be another poor year for them, due to our cool, wet spring up here.
Don’t hesitate to call us or drop a line for more info about hunting the area.
July 11/11
Hopefully your LEH draws came up in your favour!
We’ve seen sevral moose the past week incl. a giant bull.
We are seeing lots of deer around, both white-tails and muleys, even some nice bucks in small bachelor herds. Looks like there will be a good numbers of 4 points around this fall.
May 11/11
Herds of mule deer down lower, have thinned out as they disperse and start to head back higher. We have started to see them back around the resort, the past few days. White-tail are still a common site, but not for long, as it will soon be time to have there fawns.
More and more bear sitings in the area, some beauty big bruins around this spring!
May 2/11
More and more bear sitings in the Tunkwa area are coming in.
This evening, on my drive back to Logan lake, I observed a beautiful black sow with her two, tiny new born cubs, playing along side the road. Sightings of cinnamon bears in the area are coming regularly now as well.
Deer are all over the place now, with the local alfalfa fields just loaded with mule deer, at times, more then one can count! The deer wintered well, and look to be in great shape and are starting to shed there winter coats. It appears to be all does, and last years fawns, in the fields, but I observed one nice buck on Sunday, that had nice sized, velvet covered knubs developing, he was bedded down away from the other deer.
Whitetail sitings are a daily occurrence still, mainly right in the resort area.
It’s a good time to do some scouting and shed hunting.
April 21/11
Spring Bears

We have heard reports of bear activity in Logan Lake area the past couple nights, and a couple of spring boars were spotted in some fields not far from the resort……looks like they are coming out of hibernation!
We have liscences and tags in the resort store, as well as LEH applications.


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