Hunting Reports 2010


Lots of activity from the mulie does, especially down a bit lower, but no bucks in and around them. White-tail track and sign is everywhere’s, buck the bucks are remaining very elusive still. Temps are more moderate in the daytime, but nights are still dropping quite low.

A beauty mulie buck taken by guests during there late November stay.


Managed to get out today, clear and cool -18 this morning and deer activity was slow to start, but once the sun got up the deer started moving, quite a few mulie does and does/fawns to be seen but no bucks on them. The only buck this morning, was the one we helped drag out, a big, tall typical 4×4 mulie that a friend dropped. A long story, but after he missed it as it was being chased by a ‘yote, he managed to stalk up to it as it bedded down and he took it at only 10’! This big deer was hurting from some serious battle wounds during some pre-rut sparring, and just was plain exhausted after the mornings events.
This afternoon, we covered some different area, and saw lots of does again, but all mid afternoon,  none at dusk. Again none of the ones we saw were being attended by bucks, we’ll see if there is still some rutting activity tomorrow morning, when we check on this area again. Hunting pressure was light again today.

Not much new to report. Weather has been a bit milder as of late, and just the odd dusting of snow. Roads are all in still great shape. Hunting pressure has been very light out there, so no current reports coming in to us. We are still seeing lots of fresh track in the snow along the roads, and it would appear the deer are still actively moving about.
In this area, WMU 3-18 & 3-19, the season for Mulie 4pt or better, and any buck white-tail, is still open till the Dec.10 closing.

Brad’s young, 4×4 mulie from the past weekend. Will be a great eatin deer!
Cold morning, but an incredibly beautiful afternoon. We had another nice 4pt. muley come in last eve, with tales of a huge, elk sized one missed! Also guests in another cabin dropped 2 more 4pt. muleys as well.

This morning another guest dropped his personal best muley, an impressive 4pt with a great spread, good shootin Grant!!


Heavy snowfall’s missed us at Tunkwa, and we just received a light dusting yesterday and last night. Weather was a much improved -6 this morning and the bright sunshine warmed us up to -3 this afternoon. Moon is at about half phase. From what I saw, deer activity was slower this morning, but from all the track in the snow, they sure where busy last night! Still managed to bump a handful of muley bucks this morning, but this time they were all solo, and not with does, and acting a bit more wary. Track in the areas the whitetail like to frequent, suggested that they are very busy moving about at night, and seem to be bedded down earlier then normal.

Nov. 24/10
Weather was a bit milder today, thankfully! The morning started at a refreshing -22 but ‘warmed’ up to -15 later in the day, with some light snow this afternoon. From what I saw this morning, the mule deer were very active. Looking at around the 4000-4300′ elevation, I found countless numbers of does, many of them being attended by smaller 2 or 3 point bucks. I did see 3 rather large muley bucks, but at a very long range, with 2 of them sparring at times, and the the biggest of them, personally attending his harem of 8 does. Looks like the rut is still on .
We had one of our guests bring in a big bodied 4pt mulie today, a perfect accompaniment to there nice whitey buck hanging in the meat shed.
Pressure is remaining light out there, and hunting opportunities should remain good.

Tyhe cold snap has settled into the area pretty good now, and the snow has now stuck around.
Both mule deer and white-tails are in the rut. We are seeing lots of activity out there, and at all times throughout the day. The bucks are all over the does, find the does, and the bucks will not be far behind them. We had guests harvest a couple nice white-tail bucks this past weekend, and couple nice big muleys were taken. It’s the time of the year when we see the big animals come in.
Nov. 21,10

The rut definately getting into full swing today, a 3 point white tail,
4 X 4 and 6 X 4 harvested today.


Snow has started to fall, and the rut is definitely started. Activity in the bush is good in areas where the deer are rutting. Does are being attended by bucks, and they have been lettign there guards down. Small bucks have been observed clashing, and bucks have been following and sticking tight to the does that re ready. It’s a great time to be out there chasing big muleys.

We awoke today to find everywheres covered in snow, with a good 2+ inches of fresh white stuff. Reports coming in from the field, sure sound like the pre-rut has started with more bucks close to the does. We had one of our guests bag this beauty of Muley Buck yesterday. Good shootin Brandi!

Rich(Bushy) bagged himself a spiked immy moose today.
Snow we received yesterday, has for the most part melted, but there is more snow in the forecast.

We had guests take another nice 4pt muley on Sunday.
Reports from the field are indicating that the deer are very active, and smaller bucks are actively chasing the does.
We are finally getting some snow, and temps are staying cooler and more seasonable.
Warm weather through out the area, has left conditions less then ideal for hunters. All the snow on the mountain top around us now gone. We had a couple nice 4pt muley bucks come in this weekend, with one of them a very big buck. Necks are swollen, and they are starting to get ready to rut. More game movement has been reported by guests, which is great to hear, with several sitings of very big muley bucks coming in. Snow and more seasonable weather is in the short term weather forecast.
A couple more muleys buck in this morning.
Guest are reporting hunter activity is pretty quite out there.
Reports of quite a few moose being spotted, just the Immy’s bulls  are remaining elusive!

Two Whitetail doe’s came in yesterday and a Whitetail buck and doe came in today.


Guests harvested a two more muley bucks last evening. Guests are reporting still seeing lots of does around, many in good sized groups.
Today it is sunny and calm, with some of the snow on the lower elevations, up from us, burning off.

We’ve had another muley buck come in since the last report, as well as nice whitey doe this afternoon.
Guests reported a fair bit of activity earlier in the week, but seems to have slow a bit through the week.
Some snow on the ground today, with it sticking around just a bit higher. This should enable hunters to get a better idea on what is moving around out there.
There have been some ducks taken on the lake, as we are seeing good numbers of northerns stopping on there way through.
Snow is falling in the hills around the resort, and it seems the deer are moving, as we’ve had 3 more deer brought in by guests this morning.
Temps were a more seasonable -4 this morning, and staying around +4C this afternoon.
Here are a couple shots of nice muley bucks taken by guests the past week, that we we’re not able to upload until today.
Oct 22,10
Windy and 6 Deg this morning after the possibility of snow overnight never arrived. Fall is in the air with a substantial developing storm off the coast to hit most or all of the BC coast so it appears to be a big one that with the out flow winds from the north that snow is finally arriving, a nice change from looking at dry tracks or straining the eyes on dry dirt or stopping at every mud puddle looking for the young bull moose tracks.
It’s been a good week for some hunters, Wednesday evening a couple more bucks arrived at the game shed along with a white tail doe, yesterday one more buck arrived and a spiked fork moose was taken 3 km on the Tunkwa Lake Road. So far this morning a very large spike buck came in, big animals for the size of their antlers this year due to the wetter than normal summer that has made for an abundense of food after a mild winter, one guest saw 3 fawns with their mom, that shows how well they survived the winter/spring/summer in our basin.
Oct. 20,10
This morning it was -1 and 3 Deg up top, an inversion with clear skies. Snow expected Friday in the higher elevations to greet hunters arriving for the weekend and as week long guests head home after a very abnormally warm conditions occured during the day and close to freezing at night, but that did not change the hunting for some as a white tail doe came in yesterday along with a couple mule bucks, today two more bucks arrived, one was a very big 2 point! Male grouse are courting the girls, a nice sight to see. A few were out along the FSR side roads this morning. A guest missed the largest mule deer ever in his scope a couple days ago, the heart shot failed to drop him and realized he dropped his rifle a day earlier and kicked himself for not sighting it in, unfortunate for him. Guests staying during the week are learning the area and it’s paying off working the area for a week. Deer are in groups, mainly doe’s with an odd spike in the mix.
Oct 18,10
Unable to post a photo of this 3 X 4 BIG buck, taken down at 10:30 this morning by a young man.

Largest bodied/spread this year!

Well done fellow!!


-8 temps and clear skies this morning at 5:00a.m. Looking for a forked moose this morning everything was great except seeing one, saw 3 mule deer bucks with 4 does grouped together moving into the jackpines from the clearcut with the breeze at their backs. Tagged out, it was fun stalking them to see how close one got.
Guests had to get in line to the meat shed yesterday as bucks were showing up one after another with a total of 6, this morning  4 more came in, all mule deer, the elusive white tail in the timbers are still outwitting hunters including the does.

Snow arrived with little notice this morning after it not being in the forecast at all. Guests awoke and were thrilled at the surprise and quickly hit the hills on opening day for spiked fork moose. Every type were seen but the legal ones have eluded being spotted. Last weekend two white tail does came in and a 2 X 2 and 4 X 4 mulie. Yesterday evening a 3 X 4 came in and this morning 3 mule bucks came in ranging from a spike to a 3 X 4.

Guest are reporting seeing more deer moving around, including some bigger bucks, which is good to hear. We had another 2pt muley come in yesterday, and today we had our first white-tail doe come in, with the GOS on them starting today.

A couple of nice moose taken in the LEH last weekend.


We had guests get a big bodied 3×3 muley buck this morning.


Another cool crisp morning, and the deer on the move. Yesterday evening we saw 2 more 2pt mulies come in(the ladies score again!) and then a smaller 4pt muley in this morning. Things are happening up high.

We awoke to heavy frost this morning, and a real fall feeling in the air. One of our guests took her first deer yesterday evening, a nice 2×2 muley.  A great shot Sue!
The incredible warm weather, basking the area, was less then ideal for the hunters. We only had a few guests in hunting, as we are still busy with fisherman. Reports of does being seen, mostly muley’s, and quite a few moose are being seen as well. Guests brought in a nice 2 point muley buck Sunday eve, but that was it. Good buddy and his group, punched there LEH moose draws, easily with 2 big bulls, taken in this area.
Grouse still seem to be few and far between, but the warmer, dryer weather seems to be pushing them closer to the roads. I was out with our springer last Wed. morning, and he put 9 ruffies up in a few hours, which was good to see. Some big northern mallards have been taken this past week as well, lots of ducks stopping in on there way south.
Weather forecast is changing, and should be more favorable for the hunters.

Not much new to report this week.
Hunting pressure has been very light, with a few guests reporting just seeing a few does around, animal activity has been minimal. The weather this past week has been all over the place, with over 3″ of wet snow early in the week, followed by lots of rain, to the current sunny warm temps rising into the low 20’s. Some huge winds in the area this past weekend saw lots of new blowdowns, and a couple reports from people in the bush, saying it was an exciting time dodging trees(pack a saw!!!). It also seemed to push the deer into the open, out of harms way. Some scouting reports for moose, indicate they are starting to move around in anticipation for the rut to start any time now.
Oct.1 and the ‘any buck’ muley opener, pus the continuing ‘any buck’ white-tail season, will see more hunters out, and we will see deer starting to be harvested.


Hunting pressure in this area remained very light. We have seen some real swings in the weather, with some warm sunny day, fairly mild nights, then some incredible rain, even heavy wet snow!
Deer are moving around, and we are seeing a good number of muley bucks around. In my driving around here, I have a seen a big 4×4, a smaller 4×3, a big 3×3 and a small fork bucks, all in the last couple days. During the dryer days, we finally started to see and get some birds, mostly ruffies. Young birds seem to be very small for this time of the year, and are being passed on, better to wait till they get big next year. There have been quite a few moose sitings, mostly cow/calf, but a few respectable bulls have been seen as well. Some days we are seeing bears in our travels, last Wednesday I counted 8, probably the most I have seen in a single day.
We did have a 4×5 muley buck come in to camp this past Sunday.


The General opening hunting season has started. Deer appear to be moving the past few days throughout the basin and on the lower mountains, overnight temps are down to +4C in the lower areas and closer to freezing up on top of the mountains, unfortunately lots of unstable weather moving in this area. No snow on top of the mountains yet or for the foreseeable week, as temps remain moderate for this time of year. Hunting pressure was light in the area. A number of cow moose have been spotted, along with quite a few small muley bucks. Spruce and Ruffed grouse have been seen, but light in numbers at this time. Rich gets to sleep in now as he got a small 4 point muley this opening weekend.

Sept. 6/10
Not to be out done by the boys, 12 year old Nita, bagged her first deer, a nice muley buck. Her smile says it all!

Also, Brook age 16, got this nice muley buck this morning, to compliment his cinnamom bear taken a couple days earlier. He has been doing well on the ducks during the Heritage Waterfowl days as well.

Last evening, Bo Fox, age 13, dropped a beauty 4 Point Muley, taken in the resort area. All the young Fox lads have had a great start to this Junior season. Both of there Dad’s time with them in the bush, sure shows!
Sept. 003/2010
Some cool nights dipping as low as -3C has sure made it feel ‘fall like’, and hunting season is definitely in the air!

The Junior season and archery season started on Sept.1.
Prssure is light to non-existant out there, but we had one father/son in taking advantage of the early jump-start to the hunting season, available to them. They were rewarded with a nice white tail buck, the second morning of there hunt. This was his son’s first deer, so a very exciting moment for both.

Also, both Clay and Cody Fox, two of the young lads that help us out at the resort in the off season, each bagged themselves a muley buck the first two days of the season. Looks like the fall is off to a good start!

New Hunting Reg’s Out

The new printed regulations are now out.
Be sure to check out the big changes, with the new open season for whitetail does, and the revised dates on the immature bull moose season for WMU’s 3-18 and 3-19.

Or check them out on-line by going here:

June 2010

Not too much new to report on the hunting scene.
LEH were all in a couple weeks ago, and hopefully hunters will know early this year, if they have been successful with there draws.
We are seeing lots of deer, both whities and muleys, around the area, but no fawns yet. Muleys have been steadily moving higher from there wintering areas. The low snow fall this winter, and the number of deer siting, sure indicates they wintered well. Bucks are well into velvet, and a few are shaping up to be trophy’s this fall. Moose are still being regularly in the area,but no calf’s been seen as of yet..A few hunters have been out looking for bears, taking advantage of the sporing bear hunt, with regular sitings of some beautiful cinnamon phased blackies in the meadows gorging on grass and dandelions. This nice bruin, at just over 6′, was taken locally, by our good buddy, Jim Fox, on the bow at 38 yds, made for an exciting stalk and hunt.


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