Hunting Reports 2014

Dec.11/14 Another successful hunting season has come and gone, with a couple more whitetail bucks coming in since the last report. Very few hunters out for the end of the season. Lots of rabbits around this year, plus the ever … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2013

Nov.30/13   Weather has been milder, with rain and freezing rain in the area. Some fresh snow is finally in the forecast. Hunting pressure has been very light to non-existant the past week. Another mulie doe on a an LEH … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2012

Dec.10/12 Hunting season came to a close this evening, another productive season in the Tunkwa area. Hunting pressure has been very light the past while, but deer are still out there as is evident by all the abundant track! Temps … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2011

Dec.8/11 As usual for late season, things have been  quiet in the bush, with few hunters out there, and not seeing much movement the past while. Forestry roads are icey making travelling around out there tricky. There have been a … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2010

Dec,4/10 Lots of activity from the mulie does, especially down a bit lower, but no bucks in and around them. White-tail track and sign is everywhere’s, buck the bucks are remaining very elusive still. Temps are more moderate in the … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2009

Dec.11/09 Hunting pressure has been very light the last week of the season. Hunters are reporting seeing lots of sign and incredible amount of track(being made at night), quite a few does, with most now unattended, but the big bucks … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2008

End of Season Wrap Up Tunkwa area, like much of the province, experienced some unusual weather conditions this fall, with very warm temps, and very little snow, at least until mid Dec. when deer seasons closed. Guests hunting from the … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2007

End of Season Wrap Up Since the last report, we’ve slipped through the rest of the muley rut and the complete whitetail rut. Al from the resort, accompanied by a friend from Ontario, managed to harvest a couple medium sized … Continue reading