August 17,22

Monday fishing was good with a good hatch of chironomids coming off. Fishing the deeper water of the lake produced fish to 5lbs, it’s stunning as the pennasks take the fly from the depths and shoot straight to the surface and up into the air trying to dislodge the fly that tricked it which it often is successful. On Tuesday hatches stopped and fishing more difficult, marking some fish but not taking patterns that worked Monday, should of used bloodworm patterns or leeches under the indicator when no hatch is present. Evening fishing had some chironomids come off but spotty, marked more fish on the sounder than during the day and a few really large fish showing. Sitting there with a light breeze from the North an hour before sunset and no fish for 2 hours was humbling, quiet and peaceful, beautiful warm evening with just a few boats on the lake when the rod with a bomber size Coppertop 6 inches off the bottom bent hard and a beautiful solid 4 lb Pennask leaped 7-8 feet into the air, great fish to the boat then decides to go through the goal posts(anchor ropes) and leaping into the air behind me. Trying to keep it away from the anchor ropes I was able to get it back through luckily only for it to now head to the motor leg but was able to get the rod tip behind the motor so no tangling up with the motor then finally to the net, nice healthy fish with solid shoulders.

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