Beautiful weather continues with lows at -3 and highs of 10, daytime temps are due to drop to 8 Deg which will start to cool off the lake even more. Surface temps are 47 DegF and raise to 49 in the afternoons. Fishing has been good, flyfishers using 6-pack, Minnie marts, pumkinheads and micro leeches fishing in 2-3 feet of water are catching fish. Worm under a float fishing 6″ above the bottom in 5 feet of water are also doing well. We had a 10km breeze yesterday but today and the past number of days the lake is calm. Fish have been seen feeding just under the surface as their showing their backs. Fish have averaged 2 1/2 lbs with an occasional 4 and one angler last weekend lost a fish at the boat between 6-7lbs. He was fishing in 5 feet of water. We expect a later than usual fishing this year until ice on late November..

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