Hunting Reports 2014

Another successful hunting season has come and gone, with a couple more whitetail bucks coming in since the last report. Very few hunters out for the end of the season.
Lots of rabbits around this year, plus the ever present coyotes, if anyone is looking to extend there hunting season.

Last Day WT spiker buck……………..
The mule deer rut has pretty well finished off, with very few bucks being observed pursuing does. They have started to migrate to there local wintering areas, and can be observed in big numbers there.
As usual, once the muley rut winds down, the whitetail activity really picks up. It’s this time of the year, when you can see all the track, you get an idea of how many whitetails are in the Tunkwa area. Much of the activity is happening at night though, but the bucks will step out mid day in pursuit of does.
Since the last report, we’ve seen harvested, a few more mulie bucks, several WT bucks, and a few LEH mulie doe draws filled before they expired.

This guy came in hard for the rattling!

Another big tunkwa WT buck for Bo!

Ken B with his first WT buck.

Cheers! WT buck down!!

Humps nice Tunkwa WT buck.
Nov 23,14
Since the last report 5- 4 X 4’s, 1- 4 X 5 Mule deer, 1- 4 X 4 White tail and 1 LEH mule deer doe have been harvested. We had 3 cm of snow Friday evening of which melted in the sunny areas yesterday. The rut is still going on for the mule deer and white tail activity has increased the last couple days.

Off to a good start!

Another one down! Great job for the group!

A cranker Tunkwa 4pt.
Nov 15,14
Since the last report 3 Mule deer LEH doe tags were filled and 1 – 3 X 4 solid mule deer were harvested.
Sightings of shooter mule deer vary daily, rut activity is defiantly going on and the white tails are starting to show their rubs.
-20 last night with more seasonal temps arriving Monday, just in time fore the peak of the mule deer rut.

George with a nice 4×3 Tunkwa Muley buck!
Some unbelievable warm weather in this are the past wild, with nightimes staying above freezing, and no snow.
Deer movement has been slow, lots of moose around. and those lucky enough to get LEH draws have had no problem filling them.
Yesterday we saw some incredible winds from the north, and temps starting to fall, with last night hitting -2, some snow in the air, and temps are really supposed to drop.
Since the last report, we had a handful of LEH mule deer come in, 2 mulie bucks, and 6 more moose.
Nov 1,14
Since the last report 4 mule deer bucks. a WT doe and a LEH Mule deer doe have been harvested, plus a giant LEH cow moose came in today.Weather is still above average but some dusting of snow on the higher peaks.
Oct. 25th,14
Since our last hunting report 17 Mule deer bucks and 4 White Tail does were harvested.
Temps are still above average and we had out first dusting of snowfall above 4200 feet this morning, which has now melted, expecting precipitation during the week will fall as snow 1300 meters and higher.

Oct. 17, 14
Weather continues to be above average, no snow in the hills yet. Since the last report 7 Mule deer bucks, 2 White tail bucks and 2 White tail does have been harvested by guests.
Extremely warm weather the past week, have kept the deer from moving much, and made things less than ideal for hunting, great fishing weather though!!. Daytime temps have hit the low 20’s, and nighttime staying warm, plus 12 last night?!
Guest harvested 3 mule deer bucks this weekend, a 2pt and 2x3pts. A large bull moose was taken in 3-18 filling an LEH. Most guests are reporting not seeing many, or any bucks, but quiet a few does. Hunters that were seeing bucks, were hiking away from the roads in less accessible area, lots of deer there, just not moving much. Weekend traffic on the main forestry roads was busy.

Eger with a Tunkwa area 3pt.
Wednesday saw the “any buck” season open. Hunting pressure hasn’t been too heavy, and lots of areas light to no pressure. From reports, not many bucks being seen, but does are out and about. Temps have been very warm, even the nights are staying above freezing for the most part, most likely keeping movement to low light and dark.
The first day of fall has arrived to the Tunkwa area.Nighttime temps have been consistently cool, but daytimes are still very warm, but according to the weatherman, that’s about to change quick.
Hunting pressure has been very light, with no one hunting out of the resort the past while, fishing has been great so everyone is sticking on the lake taking advantage of the conditions.
Deer will be active under the low light hours of the day until things cool off. Lots of grouse around this year, providing some great sport and eats. We are seeing more waterfowl starting to pass through the areas, and all the small ponds around us should be loaded.
With the start of any buck season on Oct.1, we should see some more hunters out in the field.
Junior Hunt
The junior hunt up here saw very little pressure on the deer.
Couple of archers in chasing some whitetails, and one guest harvested a bear. Lots of bears being spotted in the area so far this fall.
Daytime temps had been very warm, but nights really cooled off. This week has saw cooler temps with nights dropping below freezing.

One of the Irving boys had another successful opening day up here, good job!
Hunters please note, we have changed our booking policy during the hunting season. After Thanksgiving we do require a 4 night min. stay during the hunting season.
May 6/14
More bears are being seen by folks out ATVing. There is still plenty of snow up higher around here, and on the ‘shady’ trails.
The first mule deer of the season have been spotted up on the Tunkwa plateau, up from there wintering areas. Whitetails are still being seen regularly.
April 14/14
We saw our first Tunkwa bear of the year! Earliest any of us could recall seeing one here!?

Reminder it’s LEH time, the areas to the west of Tunkwa are WMU #3-18, and the east side of Tunkwa lake Road is unit 3-19.
Good luck with your applications.


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